Our powerful Online Designer allows you to:

  • Upload images and create full-color designs for ordered products.
  • Create and maintain your gallery of designs.
  • Mix design elements - single image or multiple images, digital photos or artwork, as well as text.
  • Save the layout for future edits or use.

Quick Start Tips

To decorate the current product
  1. Select a product view - e.g. 'Top of Ski' or 'Ski of Bottom'. (lower left of screen)
  2. Select background color. The default is transparent. (in the Layers box lower right of screen)
  3. Add Designs and/or Add Text to the area. (upper left of screen)
Add Design
  1. Click on the Add Design button.
  2. Select from My Designs (designs you have previously saved), Instagram photos, Facebook photos, or Stock Designs. The Stock Designs folder has a selection of preloaded Full Lengh graphics as well as Logos and Names that you can freely use.  There is also a Clip Art folder also has a large selection of images.
  3. You can Upload Designs from your computer or mobile device. These can include, your own graphics, photos, logos, etc. (see "Adding Images" below for more details)
Add Text
  1. Click on the Add Text button.
  2. Enter your text.
  3. See "Adding Text" below for details.

To save a custom-designed item for later use

  1. Click on the Save layout button.
  2. Login with your username and password or create a new account.
  3. Your custom design is now saved.
  4. You can view and edit your saved custom layouts by going to 'My Account'
Selecting and Adding Images
Selecting images

You can select from a vast library of Stock Designs

  1. In the Stock De button, click the Choose FIle button next to the Upload Design icon.
  2. Search through your computer and select the file you want to upload and press Open. 
Adding Images
Uploading images

Designs can comprise single or multiple images - stock or your own. Before using your own, you must upload them from your computer.

  1. In the Add Design button, click the Choose FIle button next to the Upload Design icon.
  2. Search through your computer and select the file you want to upload and press Open. 
  3. The selected file will upload. A upload status bar will keep you informed as to the progress. 
  4. Click the Confirm Copyright Permission check box. 
  5. This imagte is now stored in the My Designs folder.
Supported file types

Our Online Designer handles a range of different image types, including:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIF

Tip: If you intend to upload an image containing a transparency, we recommend using PNG format.

Adding images to products

Once you have uploaded an image, you can use it on a product.

  1. Select the My Designs folder to view your own uploaded images.
  2. Select the image you wish to add, and click the Select Image button in the popup. The image will appear on the product.
  3. Repeat the process to add more images to your design.
Optimum image size

Uploaded images should be as large (hi-res) as possible.

  • When you upload an image, the online designer will automatically scale it as large as possible without losing quality.
  • Scale it down to suit your purposes.
  • If you scale the image up, you will notice the quality meter turn from green to amber.
  • If you go into the red, a warning notice appear. This indicates that the uploaded image cannot be printed clearly at the size you require. You will either need to provide a higher resolution image or reduce the size of your design.

Moving & Scaling Images


Once you have added artwork to your product, select it by clicking it. Sizing handles will appear at the extremities of the image. It will also appear within the control panel on the right. This panel gives you further control of the image.


Layering your items gives you greater control.

  • When adding multiple elements to a design, you may want one to appear above another. This determines the layer order.
  • Select an element in Design Mode and the layer will appear within the Designs & Text panel to the right.
  • Use the up/down arrows next to the Delete button to change layering order.

To remove an image, select it. Click the Delete button in the Layers panel to the lower right.


  1. Highlight the image that you would like to rotate in the Layers panel.
  2. Select an object and click the rotation arrows of the Rotate control in the Properties panel.
  3. Click left or right arrows to rotate you image clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  4. Alternatively, move the dial with you mouse. 
  1. Highlight the image that you would like to position in the Layers panel.
  2. Position objects by click & drag it with the mouse.
  3. Alternatively, use the Position controls in the Properties panel.
  1. Highlight the image that you would like to resize in the Layers panel.
  2. Drag the corners of the image to size acordingly.
  3. Check the Resize Proportionally checkbox if you want to do so.
  4. Alternatively, resize images with fine precision using the Size controls in the Properties panel.
Setting transparency

Depending on the type of image you have added, you can remove the 'white box' around your uploaded image.

  • Use the Select Transparent Color option and select white.

    This will remove all white from within your image, effectively removing the white box.

Note: Removing white will remove all white from your image. You can in fact use any color for your transparency color. Make sure it's one which is not used in the image itself.

Assessing print quality
  • The quality meter gives an indication of how your image will be printed: green indicates that it will print well, yellow that it will print ok, while red that it will not print well.
  • If you scale an image too much, a warning notice appear indicating that the uploaded image cannot be printed or embroidered at the size you require.
Effects & borders

Built into our Online Designer is a library of effects and borders you can apply to your uploaded image.

To access this library, click the Advanced link in the Propertiest panel.

  • The Effects and Borders tabs appear.
  • A Preview pane lets you to visualize special effects. Use the Borders tab to select a suitable border for the selected image.

Adding Text


You can easily add text to your product. You can position, size, rotate and color text, as well as add special effects. Text can be controlled from within the Text panel, as well as by click & drag with the mouse.

  • Click Add Text and key in your text in the popup dialog.
  • To edit text appearance, select it and use the controls available in the Properties panel.
Placing & manipulating text

Each text block you add when designing your product will appear on its own layer. Each layer provides many controls which allow you to precisely place and manipulate your text.

  • Align: Left, Center and Right - mainly used for multiple lines of text.
  • Position: Select up/down, left/right. Or drag selected text around the design area by mouse.
  • Size: Plus for larger, minus for smaller.
  • Rotate: Click left or right arrows to rotate your image clockwise or anti-clockwise. Or move the dial with your mouse.
  • Font: Click the dropdown arrow to select a font from the available font listing.
  • Color: Select a font color by clicking the color palette.
  • Bold and Italic: Apply bold or italics to selected text by clicking the relevant option.
Editing text

Once you have added text to your product, you can edit the text. Select the text object, and within the layer control, click the Edit Text link.


Selecting fonts
  • When you click the font selector, a font popup will appear. This popup allows you to select the font you wish to use for your text.
  • The font popup arranges fonts by category. Select the category you want to see and the fonts will load in the right hand panel.
  • Either double-click the desired font or select and click the OK button at the bottom of the popup.
Special effects

You can access text effects by clicking the Advanced link at the bottom of the text layer control.

  • Effect:

    Add special effects to your text. Select the effect and then set strength and color.

    • None:

      Remove any effect you may have already added.

    • Shadow:

      Add a 'drop shadow' to your text. You can choose the color of the shadow. Apply and control a blurred outline with the Blur tool. Change the shadow angle using Offset tool.

    • Glow:

      Add a 'glow effect' to your text. You can choose the color of the glow. Change the shadow angle with the Offset tool. Apply and control the blurred outline with the Blur and Glow Strength tools.

  • Gradient:

    Add a gradient coloring over the surface of your text. A gradient can be of two types:

    • Vertical:

      This applies a vertical color blend to the text body.

    • Horizontal:

      This applies a horizontal color blend to the text body.

    • Second color:

      In both cases, choose a second 'blend' color.

  • Warp:

    Add a curve to your text. There are many different types you can use.

    • None:

      Turn off all warping effects.

    • Wavy:

      Apply and control wave effects.

    • Expanding:

      Add and control perspective effects to your text.

    • Fisheye:

      Create a 'fat text' effect.

    • Squeeze:

      Create a 'skinny text' effect.

  • Stroke:

    Add an outline to your text. Adjust outline settings as preferred.

    • Color:

      Specify a color for the text outline.

    • Width:

      Specify a width for the text outline.


Adding items to the cart
  • Once you have designed your item and saved it using the "Save layout" button, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the Online Designer.
  • Click ADD TO CART for the product you have designed.  
  • A customer service representative will contact you to review your design with you prior to manufacturing.
  • If you have any question please feel free to contact us.


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